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Alecost Herb - Costmary - Sweet Mary
Product ID Ed575
Alecost Herb - Costmary - Sweet Mary
Perennial Herb - Tanacetum balsamita , (Also Balsamita vulgaris) Known in France as Herbe Sainte-Marie. Whole plant emits a soft balsamic odor - pleasant & aromatic, stems rise 2 to 3 ft & bears in Aug, heads of yellowish flowers in loose clusters, (does not set seed in UK). Use fresh(rushed) leaf in salads & in pottage, & dried into pot-potpourri, as it retains its aroma. The root is used as a spice & a preserve, gives spicy flavour to ale - hence 'Alecost'. Widely grown since medieval times in herb gardens & earlier centuries for medical purposes (Soothe stings, astringent & antiseptic) Hardy Perennial, Priced for: 1 ltr pot
Price: £4.50