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Product ID PT005
Potatoes (Tubers) , Cara - 1976 - Late Maincrop
Available Mid Jan 2018 - BLIGHT RESISTANT - Late Maincrop - Floury Flesh - Raised in Ireland , Very robust, Popular as an organic variety, extremely high yielding and very uniform, - Formerly called 'Oak Park Beauty'. Exhibition variety. Short oval tuber with shallow eyes, Red parti-coloured skin and creamy flesh, Tall foliage. Resistance to Black scurf, late blight on tubers, Silver scurf, common scab potato virus Yo, Bruising and Splitting also resistant to potato cyst nematode. Recommended use: Bake, Boil, Chip, Roast, , Parentage : Ulster Glade x A25/19, Priced for One Kilo
Price: £2.95
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