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Product ID PT057
Potatoes (Tubers) , British Queen - 1894 (Organic) - 2nd early
Available Mid Jan 2018 , Second Early - Floury Flesh - Raised in Scotland by Archibald Findlay, Still very popular in Ireland (known in Ireland as 'Queens') (raised in the 19th Century!). Good flavour. A smooth, short oval shaped, attractive, white skinned and fleshed potato that has shallow eyes. British Queen is high yielding and produces large attractive tubers. It may discolour when cooked and tends to disintegrate when boiled, so baking and steaming is recommended; however you could boil them carefully for a delicious mash.. Recommended use: Bake, Roast, Steam - RHS AGM, Priced for: One Kilo
Price: £3.95
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