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Product ID PT178
Potatoes (Tubers) , Athlete - 2012 (Salad) - 2nd early
Available Mid Jan 2018 - BLIGHT RESISTANT - Second Early - Waxy Although previously available in supermarkets during the 2012 Olympic Games, Potato 'Athlete' has only just been released to the amateur gardener. Firm to cook with a fresh earthy taste and even size producing oval tubers, Yellow Skin & Light Yellow Flesh with Shallow Eyes & Violet Flowers. The dry matter content is quite high giving good cooking and frying quality. Parentage: AR 99-263-5 x Miriam .Has resistance to blackleg, foliage late blight and tuber late blight, Use: Frying, Salad, boiled, steamed, New Potato, Priced for One Kilo
Price: £3.95
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