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Chilli Pepper , Habanero Chocolate (Black)
Product ID Sd1003
Chilli Pepper , Habanero Chocolate (Black)
Very Very Hot - Capsicum chinense Jacquin , BEWARE – There is fire in this Beauty, Originally from Cuba now grown mostly in Costa Rica & Mexico. Green when immature, lantern-shaped & ripening to a wrinkled 2 inch Brownish Black (aka Congo Black). Its heat with a rich fruity/smoky flavour & floral aroma , Great in a container, living many years in pots (at proper temperature) & is a perennial, with proper care & growing conditions, can produce flowers (& thus fruit) for many years, Very Very Hot (Scoville: 400,000 to 450,000) can be preserved for long periods , Seed Count Approx - 15
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