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Canna Edulis , Queensland Arrowroot
Product ID Sd1015
Canna Edulis , Queensland Arrowroot
Edible - Canna indica L. syn. C. edulis , A mix with large, attractive purple foliage (2 mtr tall) & (various coloured) mixed flowers, this SLOWLY spreads via new Edible rhizomes. One of the richest starch sources, its starchy rhizomes are eaten cooked & taste like potato when peeled & baked, or parsnip when roasted. Its advantage is tolerating both very damp & hot, dry soils once established, are pest-free & perennial, but needs winter protection by storing rhizomes like dahlias. Tropical, yet can grow in most areas with 6 to 8 hrs sunlight during summer & grows best in well-drained (rich or sandy) soil , Seed Count Approx - 5
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