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Flowers , Poppy - The James Collection
Product ID Sd1038
Flowers , Poppy - The James Collection
A colourful selection of James Favourites , Papaver Somniferm mixed - (several species - singles) A beautiful & wild collection of purples, pinks & reds, chosen & grown over many years by a friendly gentleman from London named James, who in his kindness & generosity passed these on to us to allow a wide range of people to grow & enjoy his colourful chioce of poppies of many colours. All about 2 ft high & prefer a dryer, not to rich soil, like a field or meadow. Blooms Spring into autumn, Very easy to grow & self-seeds to some extent, just cast out after the frosts & enjoy. (Thanks James) , Seed Count Approx - 800+
Price: £1.85
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