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Amaranthus - Salad / Herb ,  'Callaloo Bush' - Red Army Blend
Product ID Sd1053
Amaranthus - Salad / Herb , 'Callaloo Bush' - Red Army Blend
Chinese Spinach - Amaranthus gangeticus , aka: ' Tampula' (India) or 'Joseph's coat' - A cultivated mix of a leaf vegetable, with striking, long lasting intense, large dark/purpley red flowers, edible oval shaped leaf with a blended red & green centre, (very striking in the sun) & a flavour of spinach with a little twang. Grow as Micro greens or baby leaf in salads, Treat as Spinach but don't overcook & pick when very young to add colour . Not hardy (annual Cut & come again) thrives in summer in warmth - trim or pluck leaves as needed. When sown, use only a tiny pinch at a time as seeds are very small. , Seed Count Approx - 400+ -Dash
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