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Chilli Pepper , Trinidad Perfume (Very Mild)
Product ID Sd1120
Chilli Pepper , Trinidad Perfume (Very Mild)
Full Habanero flavor, but only a low heat , Capsicum Chinense - Just when you thought you had tasted them all, this little beauty slips in and dazzles you with its looks plus, these pale orange habanero shaped chilli’s will take your breath away…with their flavour rather than their heat. This is about as hot as your mother in laws tea, just 500 Scoville, yet It´s beautiful aroma & smoky, mild citrus-like taste makes it ideal for dishes with the hint of the Caribbean, try it. You’ll like it! Flavour, flavour, flavour, Ht: 40 cm (1.2 ft) Scoville Heat rating: 0-500 Scovilles. , Seed Count Approx - 15, *** Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
Price: £1.85
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