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Pumpkin , Triple Treat (Hulless Seed)
Product ID Sd1122
Pumpkin , Triple Treat (Hulless Seed)
Medium small (9 inches) , Cucurbita pepo Triple purpose, bright orange-skinned, round pumpkins 9 inches across. Good for Halloween carving. Thick, deep orange flesh is excellent for pies too. (Naked Seed) Hull-less seeds are delicious raw or cooked - a handy trait if you like snacking on fresh toasted pumpkin seeds.. Maturity 105-110 days. Pumpkin is delicious raw, baked, boiled, & stir-fried. Hollowed-out shells make perfect baking & serving containers; the seeds & meat can be dried & ground into flour or eaten as a snack. , Seed Count Approx - 8
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