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Chilli Pepper , Mulato Isleno - Kinda Hot
Product ID Sd1172
Chilli Pepper , Mulato Isleno - Kinda Hot
(Capsicum annuum) , (Mexico) Heirloom chili similar to Ancho Poblano in size & shape. A dark green pepper that matures to a rich chocolate colour. Used fresh or dried for storage (called Anchos when dried) .Smoothly, yet mildly pungent & full of flavour, tasting somewhat like chocolate or licorice, with undertones of cherry & tobacco. Size: 4 to 6 inches long & have become an essential ingredient in chili dishes. Try these for an authentic taste of Old Mexico. 76 days, Ht: 60 cm ( 2ft) and are very prolific. (Scoville: 2000 to 3000) , Seed Count Approx - 15
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