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Melon , Sharks Fin / Fig Leaf Gourd
Product ID Sd1180
Melon , Sharks Fin / Fig Leaf Gourd
Cucurbita ficifolia , Kurodane cabocha - Japan, Annual Climbing Vine with leaves resembling fig leaves, fruit is oblong to about 20cm, like a watermelon, light or dark green to cream mottle & wide black seeds. Its very uniform in size, shape, & colour & can produce upto 50 fruit. Pulp strands are used to make a soup, similar in flavour to shark fin soup, hence the name. Flowers, leaves & shoots used as greens. Most nutritional part is its fat & protein-rich seed! Seeds along with its mature sweet fruits are used to make jam, sweets, & drinks (some alcoholic). Great climbing over Arches or fence , Seed Count Approx - 5
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