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Melon , Striped Tigger Melon
Product ID Sd1214
Melon , Striped Tigger Melon
Cucumis melo - Heirloom muskmelon , 90 days.The most amazing looking melon we have. The fruit are vibrant yellow with brilliant fire-red, zigzag stripes, simply beautiful! Very fragrant with a rich, sweet, intoxicating aroma& a deep, rich melon flavor without being overly sweet. The off white flesh gets sweeter as it matures. Small in size, fruits weigh up to 1 lb. vigorous plants yield heavily, even in dry conditions. This heirloom was originally discovered in ancient western Armenia near the Tigris River. Growing on climbing vines the petite size is ideal for trellising, thus grown in relatively small space. , Seed Count Approx - 10
Price: £1.85
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