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Melon , Sungold (Casaba Type)
Product ID Sd1409
Melon , Sungold (Casaba Type)
Shorter Vines for limited space , Cucumis melo - 85 to 95 days. a short season wonder and stores extremely well. This is a full-size casaba type melon that will ripen a month earlier than others with shorter vines, making it perfect for those with limited space, but still want a good melon.. Has corrugated bright yellow, sometimes greenish-yellow rind, not netted or ribbed. With white, spicy, sweet and tender flesh. Fruit acorn-shaped, 8 inches high, 7-8 lb in weight:. , Seed Count Approx - 20, *** Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
Price: £1.85
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