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Marjoram - Herb , Sweet Marjorum
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Marjoram - Herb , Sweet Marjorum
Origanium majorana - Bees like it , One of the oldest known Perennial aromatic herbs with erect, bush-like shape & small, narrow fragrant aromatic leaves & white flowers Jun / Aug. According to Aphrodite the sweet-spicy smell of Marjoram was considered to be as a symbol of luck. Its Leaves add a strong, sweet, spicy flavour to soups, sauces, stuffings & stews. Rubbing with fresh leaves before roasting improves all strong meats. In the garden it improves the growth & flavour of other plants growing nearby. Ht: 12 /18-in, Makes wonderful Honey with the bees! , Seed Count Approx - 450 - Pinch
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