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Chilli Pepper , Friars Hat  -  (Christmas Bell)
Product ID Sd882
Chilli Pepper , Friars Hat - (Christmas Bell)
Hot - Capsicum baccatum , Much admired for its striking appearance & originally grown in Barbados as Peri-Peri (now replaced by the real Peri Peri Chili). These large very hot plants (2 to 3 ft tall) produce three-sided flattened bell shape with 3 or 4 lobed peppers, 2.5 inches long (wider than they are long) which resemble a Bishop's Crown. It is moderately late and slow to mature but worth it as they ripen from green to fire red. One of the most successful varieties we have over-wintered - Scoville Heat Rating : 40,000-50,000 , Seed Count Approx - 15
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