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Flowers , Poppy - Icelandic 'Artist Glory '
Product ID Sd947
Flowers , Poppy - Icelandic 'Artist Glory '
(MIX) Papaver nudicaule - Victory Giants , Giant flowered, long rigid stems to 40cm ( 16 in) Irresistible, brightly coloured 3 inch blooms like crinkled sheer silk & come in a wide colour range of blooms like crinkled silk in shades of gold, lemon, apricot and salmon. The foliage of Iceland poppies, which are found in many arctic and mountain regions, forms clumps which send up slender stems topped by fragrant blooms. Most effective when massed in beds. Excellent cut flowers, prefer partial sun to semi-shade, normal garden soil, Perennial. Hardy , Seed Count Approx - 600+ - smig
Price: £1.85
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