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Carrot , Longue Rouge de Saint-Valery
Product ID Sd009
Carrot , Longue Rouge de Saint-Valery
Tasty - Aka: Long Red Surrey (Chertsey) , Daucas carota v. sativus (Carotte Saint Valery) French (circa 1801) The Vilmorins of France mention this variety in 1885, & said it had been grown a “long time” then. A Nice straight - very uniform, handsome variety with bright-red roots, smooth 10 - 12 inches long & Sweet and tender. This was originally released as an improved version of the 'Long Red' Carrot, a variety in use in the 1600's. One of tastiest varieties & it has a distinctive orange / red core, Rare, also (circa mid 1800's) raised in Chertsey, Surrey (hence the English name) , Seed Count Approx - 400 *** Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
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