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Sea Aster , Sea Starwort - Aster Tripolium L.
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Sea Aster , Sea Starwort - Aster Tripolium L.
Edible - Sea Starwort, Sea spinach , Native to Europe, salt marshes, estuaries & verges of heavily-salted roads. Up to 50 cm short lived perennial, flowers (2cm dia) Jul to Sep, borne in pale mauve & white dense spectacular clusters. Its edible leaves & young stems are used raw or cooked like spinach & have a refreshing texture & lovely delicate, yet, unique taste - an unusual mix of salty & sweet. Salty leaves marry well with most fish & shellfish. Its loves salty conditions, but will grow in any garden with occasional watering with sea water or scatter over some salt. , Seed Count Approx - 400
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